Yulia Semenova is a Russian pianist, accompanist and singer coach. She works with numerous singers and can be regularly heard on different stages as a duo partner in concerts, vocal competitions and master classes.

What Others say about Yulia

Soprano, Greece

Other than the fact that Yulia Semenova is a wonderful pianist and a great piano partner what I most admire about her, is her passion to learn and improve her skills. I worked with her several times and she has always been very helpful to me as a singer and a perfectionist in her job.

Jerusalem, Israel

My first piano teacher was truly great. However when Julia became my teacher, she showed me with great emotion, musical ambition, and amazing technical capabilities, a totally different world. She was tough, but her patience spread miles. Before I performed any piece I would be able to play it forwards and backwards but even better, there was not one note that I would play before feeling it. My journey with Julia is one to remember, because the good times and hard times where a lifelong lesson.

Soprano, Norway

Each time we work with Yulia, it is very rejoicing and productive. She is 100% consumed by the creative process and always wishes the best for singers. She gives only constructive critique and never holds back ideas about good interpretations and technical solutions for a singer. Yulia is positive and always engaged!

Israeli Opera, Israel

I have known and worked with Yulia for many years. She is a very talented pianist, and a responsive and considerate accompanist. Yulia works on musical piece with awesome responsibility. Correct stylistic interpretation and musical content are very important to her. A lot of significance in her work is attached to the correct language pronunciation, which plays an important role for singers. Yulia is a serious musician, and teamwork with her is always creative and interesting!

Soprano, Russia

I appreciate Yulia a lot for my dream's realization to make a solo concert in Berlin! Yulia not only is a great accompanist, but also my trusted tutor in choosing appropriate and interesting concert repertoire. She is a very talented musician and orderly person, whom it is always possible to rely on.

Soprano, Germany

We have been working with Yulia since August 2013 and performing together in numerous competitions, concerts and projects. Yulia coaches our daughter with all her professionalism, which has only resulted in great success! We recommend Yulia Semenova infinitely and will work with her in the future. We wish all the best for her professional development!

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