I love teaching piano, and to coach and accompany singers. Over time I have come to appreciate the pleasure one draws from helping others to get to their full potential.

Whether you are looking to pursue Piano seriously, or just as a hobby, I take what I do seriously, and will make your time fun and productive.

Here you can find information regarding what I do for different groups of Piano enthusiasts to help them nurture and grow their musical and piano skills.

Programm for Beginners

Generally children are taught from the age of 5, but for very talented or eager children, it is possible to begin from the age of 4.

By the great combination of Methods the child will be introduced to the world of music with lots of enthusiasm and inspiration. With the help of games there will be no difficulties to learn the basics (including the Notes, Rhythm etc.) on piano as well as to develop coordination between hands.

In the beginning the most important for me to accustom the pupil to listen attentively, because afterwards the sound conception plays a large roll in musical interpretation. The correct hand training is a basic for playing piano freely in the future. The best pieces of classical repertoire represent different epochs of musical history and helps to attain the musical aims according to the level of pupil.

Programm for Advanced

For intermediate and advanced students is offered profound program with specialization on higher performing skill goals and performing on stage.

That includes broadening of concert repertoire, individual approach to the musical and technical challenges, developing "free playing" skills on the instrument (among them elements of Alexander Technique), comprehensive understanding music in its complexity through fundamental musical theory, detailed work on stylistics according to composer and epoch of the piece.

For Adults

For Adults, who could not realize their dream to learn the piano in there childhood or for someone, who has learned piano many years ago and would like to refresh their knowledge is available a personalized curriculum, which will meet individual musical goals and interests in favorite repertoire (Classic, Jazz, Songs etc.).

Vocal Coaching/ Language coaching/ Interpretation & Accompaniment

I offer individual coaching lessons for singers for a wide range of opera and vocal chamber repertoire. My mother language provides the opportunity to work especially deeply on Russian repertoire. I particularly emphasize on the dynamic between the word and music and the meaning of the poetical text, correct pronunciation on standard vocal languages, stylistics and musical interpretation.

In case the vocal part is completely new to you, we can study it in detail together from the beginning. Musical parts from choirs can also be coached.
By special request, accompaniment to your concerts, auditions, competitions and master-classes can be arranged.